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The Rescue Church | Sonship Christian School

We need a new ROOF! Help us today!

GOAL: $40,000 

Raise The Roof


Want to help us RAISE THE ROOF?

Our building is in desperate need of a roof!

A Little About Us: We are both a church and a school.  Sonship Christian School has been an active part of this community serving, loving, and teaching children to be the best version of themselves for over 40 years. The Rescue Church is just 3 years old, having launched a church plant/restart in Spring 2018. 

If you drive by our building, you'll see a giant blue tarp covering the East side of our roof, doing its best to keep water out of our sanctuary and main childcare play space. 

While we survived 2020 by God's grace, we are finding that 2021 is hitting us hard. We made arrangements for a roof installment, then our planned funding fell through. Therefore, we are now asking our congregation, community, and anyone willing, to help us save our building. Funds will benefit The Rescue Church MV (Maple Valley Church of the Nazarene) /Sonship Preschool Day Care - going directly towards the purchase of a new roof. Thank you in advance for any contribution, it means so much to us!

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